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Italian-made is your best choice

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Are you an architect, interior designer or project owner looking to use Italian products for your building or renovation projects but feel daunted by the idea of working with foreign suppliers?

You're not alone!

First, we work side-by-side with you and our suppliers to brainstorm sizes, colors and finishes.

After that, we take care of sourcing the highest quality materials from Italian craftsmen and making sure they are where they're supposed to be, when they are supposed to be there.

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11 Beach St. Façade Tribeca - NY

Product: Terracotta

Private Residence

Product: Teak Herringbone

Ballston Quarter Mall

Product: Italian Limestone Rustic Green

Made in Italy, Built in the US

Years of tradition and expertise have made the label Made In Italy a true symbol of quality and at Atlantic Link, we believe giving you access to the highest quality products for your clients is our #1 priority. We’ve spent years building relationships and networking to give you access to the best that Italy has to offer in terms of materials for your building projects.

Now is your opportunity to leverage those years of traditional craftsmanship to take your projects to the next level.